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What in your world would constitute a miracle? Your child getting an A in math? Finding a job? Getting that promotion you’ve been working hard for?

I believe that if we would only take time to notice, we would see that God works miracles every day. With the birth of a child, we witness the miracle of new life. Through the letters from our many donors we hear about God’s timely provision in their lives — whether in the form of an unexpected cheque, the recovery of a loved one from a devastating illness, or reconciliation with an estranged friend — and see God’s hand at work.

The greatest miracle I believe we have all witnessed in our lifetime is the birth of the State of Israel (which the Jewish state celebrated last week) and the continuing ingathering of God’s people back to their homeland. Of course, there are those who see these events as amazing, but credit them mainly to man’s courage, training, and effort.

While man certainly played an important role, we must remember the words of Moses: “For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory” (Deuteronomy 20:4).

Throughout Israel’s history, God has repeatedly intervened and delivered His people. In fact, the very fact that the Jewish people have survived through centuries of persecution bears witness to a God Who is directly involved in human history, Who is concerned about its direction, and Who cares deeply about the welfare of His children.

Witnessing the miracle of Israel should be an encouragement to us all that the Lord is interested in our lives and is acting on our behalf. Indeed, as the psalm writer says, “Among the gods there is none like you, Lord; no deeds can compare with yours” (Psalm 86:8). This week may we take the time to notice God’s miracles all around us and to thank Him for all He has done — and continues to do — for us.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Chairman, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews® of Australia