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Rabbi's Weekly Commentary

A Spiritual New Year’s Resolution

Dear Friend of Israel, Many of us make New Year’s resolutions. You might have made some yourself this year! Maybe you vowed to cross a few items off your long-term “to do” list. Or maybe your goals are more financially oriented – to save $50 every paycheque, or to pay off your debt by the […]

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Yael's Corner

Wisdom and Comfort from the Psalms

Shalom, The book of Psalms has provided me with the deepest comfort during the most trying times. It is my sanctuary, where I feel safe and comforted. Although written thousands of years ago, the psalms resonate in my soul and provide a safe path through the emotional hills and valleys of life. In good times […]

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Tune In to Holy Land Minute

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is featured on our daily radio program, Holy Land Minute, which can be heard Monday through Friday on Christian radio stations throughout Australia. Holy Land Minute features inspirational teachings about Jewish beliefs and faith. Listen to a podcast of Holy Land Minute.

Listen to Israel in the News

Israel in the News is The Fellowship’s weekly radio program featuring timely news stories, on-site reporting on a variety of topics, and weekly commentary by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, Yael Eckstein, and other Fellowship staff members. Find a station near you airing the show, or listen to the latest show

Why Do Christians Support Israel?

For two thousand years, Christians and Jews were separated. But today we’re seeing an astonishing reversal of that trend by Christians who are supporting the Jewish people and their nation, Israel. Find out the five primary reasons for the Christian outpouring of support for Israel in this week’s Ask the Rabbi »

Pray for Israel

Why pray for Israel? First and foremost because human souls are suffering, struggling, and fighting to thrive there amidst physical, political, and spiritual warfare. Most importantly, you should pray for Israel because God commands our support and aid of Israel throughout the Bible. Read more »