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Rabbi's Weekly Commentary

Do Not Fear

In just the last week, countless events both in our broken world, and perhaps in our personal lives have occurred that could strike fear in us all. But God counsels us to avoid unwarranted fear and to trust in Him, as He will strengthen us, help us, and uphold us.

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Yael's Corner

Living Daily Life Despite Violent Attacks

Yael Eckstein reports on the current fear spreading throughout Jerusalem. With the increase in violent attacks, she reminds the Jewish people to stay strong and prays that God will keep Israel safe. Watch as Yael explains the fear Israelis feel as they walk through the streets of Jerusalem.

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Why Do Christians Support Israel?

For two thousand years, Christians and Jews were separated. But today we’re seeing an astonishing reversal of that trend by Christians who are supporting the Jewish people and their nation, Israel. Find out the five primary reasons for the Christian outpouring of support for Israel in this week’s Ask the Rabbi »

Pray for Israel

Why pray for Israel? First and foremost because human souls are suffering, struggling, and fighting to thrive there amidst physical, political, and spiritual warfare. Most importantly, you should pray for Israel because God commands our support and aid of Israel throughout the Bible. Read more »